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The first step of creating a great video is the planning phase. In this phase we get to research, plan and make the necessary preparations in order to focus on your video project's success. This includes setting the video goal, creating a story and then transforming it to a script. We also need to find the right actors, equipment and the best possible filming locations.


With a video strategy ready, it is time to for the production phase to begin. We get to capture all the video footage. This phase includes setting up the audio, video, along with the lighting equipment and capturing B-Roll if required for the project to enchance the story.


After completing the production, the post-production phase gets initiated. Having filmed all the required footage, we start working on the project using a backup and perform the necessary video editing using the DaVinci Resolve software. The footage gets split into smaller pieces enabling us to only keep the best quality parts. Matching music, color grading and sound effects are applied carefully in order to achieve the ultimate viewing experience.

Drone Videography

Following the latest technological advancements we have included photoshooting drones to our toolset. This equipement provides us with an additional point of view that can level up the whole experience to a new dimension. As a result, the end product is more dynamic, engaging and stunning to watch.


Professional photography is an essencial part of a successful advertising campaign. We capture and deliver high quality photos for any type of promotional content, including but not limited to fashion photoshoots, product listing or real estate photography. Our goal is to fulfill your visual business requirements.

Green Screen

Our collaboration with talented people has granted us the opportunity to use some of the most advanced tools in the industry that can deliver amazing results, such as the "Green Screen" technique. By taking advantage of this technology we can record interviews, product or fashion video footage or even 3D graphics, with great filming flexibility.

About Us

Our Story

Our team consists of three old-time friends, currently getting our degree in Business Management and Administration. However, ever since we were young we shared a common passion for videography and photography, so we decided to funnel that energy through our management skills and ultimately create our own photography business start-up.

Creating concepts

We assemble your thoughts and ideas in an engaging story that triggers the viewer's emotions, laser-locking his attention your product. Whenever required, special details are added to the story leading to a storyboard with a 360 view. We can also undertake creating concepts and scripts from scratch for you.

Reviewing the Final Product

You can review the product at any time prior to finishing the project. We constantly aim at satisfying your requirements, thus we are open to suggestions and can perform updates to the project if necessary.

Communication is Key

Understanding all project aspects is a key factor in our line of work. We believe in good communication with our clients, as the key to success. Once we get to share the same vision for the project, we get to breath life into your ideas!


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